What Is This Website?
How Do I Find My Photos?
I Found My Photos, How Do I Order a Product?
How Do I Edit My Photo (rotate, zoom, position etc...)?
I Registered But How come I Haven’t Received the Activation Email?
How Long Does It Take to Receive My Order?
Is This Site Secure?
If I Still Have Questions, What Can I Do?

Q: What is this website?

A: This website allows visitors to the NBC Universal Experience at Rockefeller Center to view, edit, and purchase photo related products from pictures taken during their visit. These pictures could have been taken at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, on the NBC Studio Tour, or during Today Show Street taping.

Q: How do I find my photos?

A:First, you must register and activate your account. You will not be able to view any photos or product information until this is complete. There are two ways to locate your pictures. If you were given a photo passport card with a barcode on it, you can Search for Photos by Barcode. Otherwise, you may browse for your pictures by selecting the location in which your pictures were taken and then selecting a date and time range. Please keep in mind that when browsing for photos, after selecting a location and date, the time ranges selection will only show times for photos that we have available. If you do not see your time range, we recommend browsing in the closest time range available as sometimes the time adjustments are not accurate to the minute.

Q: I found my photos, how do I order a product?

A: There are several ways to order a product. If you locate your photos by Searching or Browsing, clicking on the small thumbnail image will bring you to the photo detail page where the photo will be enlarged. From here, you may select a product choice from the box on the right, or you may enlarge another photo from your result set as displayed at the bottom of the page.

You may also add a photo to your default album (a default album will be created for you when you register). You may view these album photos by selecting “View Albums” from the top of any page, or by selecting the album from the thumbnail view in the Photo Detail page or Create Product page. Clicking a photo from any of these pages will bring you into the “Create Product” page where you may select a product from the box on the right.

Finally, you may “View Products” and select “Create this Product”.

Q: How do I edit my photo (rotate, zoom, position etc...)?

A: The editor will automatically size and position the photo according to the product you have selected. You may edit this further in the Create Product page by clicking the “Edit” button located directly beneath the generated product preview. From here you will find controls to rotate, zoom, and position your photo within the parameters of the selected product.

Q: I registered but how come I haven’t received the activation email?

A: The activation email is automatically sent to you upon initial registration, however, email spam and junk filters can sometimes filter the message from your account. We recommend that you add PhotoSharing@amazingpictures.com to your trusted senders list. Additionally, if you still have problems, you may sign in at which time you will be reminded the activation is required. On this page, you will see a link at the bottom to resend the activation email. Finally, you may contact customer service at 1-800-368-6386 to have your account manually activated.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?

A: It will take us 10-14 business days to process and create your order. From that point forward, delivery will be according to the shipping method you selected upon checkout.

Q: Is this site secure?

A: Yes. Any page in which you are asked to enter personal information (sign in screens, registration screens, account details, shopping cart, and checkout) is protected with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption. This means that any data you send to us will be encrypted by your computer and decrypted by ours and the same will occur when we send data to you. This encryption is verified by Versign, the leader in SSL Encryption Verification. All other pages transmit as unencrypted which may cause your browser to display a warning when traversing from an encrypted to unencrypted page.

Q: If I still have questions, what can I do?

A: Take a deep breath, and then feel free to contact our customer service department who will gladly assist you. Email to cs@amazingpictures.com or call toll free 1-800-368-6386.